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Sally Greathood, 25 years old, young graduate and hired in the Stunt Powder company as a new journalist in the team. Cheerful and motivated, she was ready for her first mission. The mystery hang over the Great Sickle case, a mining site more known for the disappearances of the workers than the purpose of its existence. After loose contact with the reporters sent to the site, Sally is the last chance to investigate on the cause of the disappearances. But all secrets hide in the darkness don't want to see the light...


Underlight is an horror game made on RPG Maker XP where light will be the key of your success.

You have to find clues to understand what happened in the galleries of a abandonned mine. You will find different items to make light on your way, but watch your batteries or you'll become part of the darkness.

This first project made in a partnership with Greg Iwaniec will take you in a world of mystery and despair where the terror wait at each corner.



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